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Please do not apply for a taken character.  No reservations accepted. 


SailorMoonstone- available
SailorSapphire- available
SailorRuby- available
SailorEmerald- available
SailorTopaz- available
SailorGarnet- available
SailorAmber- available
SailorAquamarine- available
SailorFluorite- available


You can make up a guardian soldier for any senshi.  Please come up with an original name, i.e. don't name SailorRuby's knight "Ruby Knight."  After all, Tuxedo Kamen isn't "Moon Knight." 

Guardian animals

Amaris, guardian of SailorMoonstone- available
Badir, guardian of SailorTopaz- available
Rohin, guardian of SailorAmber- available


Pernicies- available
Amnis- available
Deflagra- available
Tellus- available
Aether- available
Noctiluca- available
Lampas- available


To join, just send the following info to, and good luck!!


Email Address:
Birthday: (If you want, so I can send you an email card)
Anything else you want to tell me:


Your Character

Name: Also explain origin and meaning. Doesn't have to be Japanese.
Age: Reasonable, somewhere between ten and forty. 
Birthday: Perhaps keep the zodiac sign in mind, and try to avoid already used birthdays.
Birthstone: Look it up! Try The Universal Birthstone Table
Zodiac Sign: Keep personality in mind... You can look this up at
Likes: Cream colored ponies and blue satin sashes? All the general stuff like food, color, etc.
Dislikes: When the dog bites, when the bee stings...
Dreams/ Goals: With all of the above, try to reveal your character's personality.
Quirks: Any sort of weird things your character does-- she's afraid of the dark, he eats live rats, etc.
Strengths: What is this person good at? Not necessarily the same as likes (like I love video games, but I suck at playing them.)
Weaknesses: Realistic, your character must have some flaws.
General Personality: Anything and everything not described by the above categories. At least a paragraph or two, please. 
Family: For each member, give a few tidbits on looks and personality. And senshi whose family all died in a tragic accident get cliche fast.
Friends: The loner-who-has-no-friends also gets old.
Looks: Detail! Eyes, hair, height/weight, general appearance...
History: Birth to now, no past lives (because these senshi don't have any.)
Senshi Name:
Henshin Call: Gem name- Star Power, "Make up"  Knights can have any kind of henshin call or none at all (a la Tux)
Guardian: Check the characters list.  If your guardian's name isn't there, you don't have one.
Fuku: Detail!
Powers: Cool sounding attacks with vivid descriptions will get you brownie points (mmmm... brownies...)

And the all important WRITING SAMPLE: Anything goes here, as long as your grammar's good.

Results Code


*pouts* Nobody's applied yet.  But you're applying right now, ne? *looks cute*