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T h e . G l a i v e . F a l l s . A g a i n

Seeking the soul of the powerful soldier of reticence, a new enemy searches for the talismans of the Outer senshi.  The sailor senshi fall quickly before him, but his effort is thwarted at the last minute by the Ginzuishou.  In this desperate hour, nine egnimatic new senshi appear...   It's a race against time as the Solar system's new "protectors" struggle to collect all the talismans and revive Sailorsaturn-- to save the universe at the cost of their own eternity.  

Welcome to Ribbons!  It's me, Nakitama-chan!  Use the little boxes on the bottom left to navigate. If you're a Saturn fan or like otaku senshi, this RPG is for you!  Wanna know more?  Clickclick!



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All the pages are officially up and running! Come on and apply people!

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Hoowoo!  The RPG is now open!