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In 40th century Crystal Tokyo prosperity and happiness reigned. Many Serenitys ruled and died in peace. The age-old Sailor senshi lived out their days quietly and chose successors. The inner senshi attended Queen Serenity's court, and the mighty outer senshi stood guard over the flourishing kingdom. But one planet was ignored. The Soldier of Reticence slept timeless and silent within her planet's seal. The forbidden world was once again forgotten, the only remnant of her existance the three Shinki, the sacred talismans that held the key to Saturn's return.

Then the ruthless head of the Tenbenchii sorcerer clan, Pernicies, swept through the galaxy, killing all in his path and leaving destruction in his wake. But Pernicies, having conquered the weaker stars, combed the universe for the strong power he required to become an ultimate ruler.
He found it in Saturn.

Establishing himself on the abandoned planet, Pernicies sent out three powerful Tenbenchii wizards to obtain the three Shinki-- the Space Sword, the Submarine Mirror, and the Garnet Orb. These warriors found the outer senshi, ambushed and killed them, and stole their talismans. Then they decided to take over the inner planets as well. But this was their fatal error. Serenity activated the ginzuishou, blasting the three sorcerers with tremendous energy and sealing them into stones. Sensing his servants' defeat, Pernicies shattered the stones with his willpower in a last desperate effort to prevent the remaining senshi from reclaiming the talismans. Each stone, and the wizard and talisman with it, was broken into six pieces and scattered across the galaxy. The resulting explosion killed the inner senshi, whose last act was to seal the queen into a powerful crystal to protect her until peace returned.

But the galaxy was without protection, and Pernicies' shadow hung over the Solar system. Enter the Lapillus Senshi. These eighteen senshi were shrouded in mystery, but they were the Solar system's last hope.
Or were they?

Darkness was seeping through the system, filling the hearts of its people. The Solar system had become the nest of Pernicies. In desperation, the Lapillus Senshi combined their forces in their strongest attack. It failed, and Pernicies took an even stronger hold over the planets. Finally they concluded that the only way to prevent Pernicies from dominating the entire universe was to use the power of the Talismans and Sailorsaturn to destroy him... and the system along with him. In order to do this, they required the shards of the Shinki. But Pernicies also sought the shards for his final victory...


Now the Lapillus Dark scour the galaxy for the missing pieces, searching for the only salvation by ultimate destruction. The Lapillus Light interfere with their efforts at every turn, equally determined to find another way. And all the while the real threat grows stronger as Pernicies' minions regroup. And let's just say they're all in for a bit of a surprise.


Lapillus Senshi:  These senshi, unlike the others, represent and draw energy from a gemstone rather than a planet.  They come from all over the universe, but they are not reborn!  There might be one rare Lapillus Senshi from Earth or one of the other Solar planets, but in all likelihood they're from somewhere else.  The true power source of the Lapillus senshi will remain a secret (mwa ha ha!)   

Sailormoon: There isn't any Sailormoon. Once Neoqueen Serenity takes the throne, she loses her ability to transform. This Serenity doesn't have a daughter to wander back in time and find her past self to save the day, so she's stuck in her crystal. She will probably only appear in the occasional dream sequence.

Sailorsaturn: When and if the senshi manage to collect all the talismans, Sailorsaturn will be revealed. This is the destructive Saturn of the Infinity Arc, with ultimate power. Her purpose is hidden to the senshi, who only know that, without Sailormoon, she is the only one with the strength to defeat the enemy.

Planets:  As mentioned above, the planets are not intended for use as a birthplace for the senshi.  The planets are there for travel purposes within the RPG, as the senshi may have to cross planets to reach Pernicies.  

Tenbenchii:  The Tenbenchii are an elite group of sorcerers come together from scattered worlds.  It is very difficult to become a part of this group.  There are dozens of secret rites and initiation trials to pass before one is even considered a Tenbenchii apprentice.  They are led by Pernicies, who seeks to take over the whole galaxy.  Pernicies sees use in only power.  

Shinki: The three shinki, or talismans, have been scattered across the universe. Once all six pieces of a particular talisman are gathered (by one side or the other) the talisman and the Tenbenchii sorcerer that stole it will reappear. At this point, if the senshi have the pieces they will have to battle the sorcerer for it. So really, the bad guys have two chances. Not fair, ne?


In the 40th century, life flourishes in the Solar system. Technology has advanced under the rule of Queen Serenity V. She guides the stars with the Gold Moon Crystal, the combination of crystals passed down through the generations. The planets are different but almost all habitable thanks to expert engineering.

Earth is much the same as the Earth of the 20th century.  Rainforests and natural wonders have been restored by the power of the ginzuishou, and people enjoy long, healthy lives.  The planet is under the benevolent dictatorship of Queen Serenity V.  Earth is a melting pot of all the other planets, as well as the origin of all the colonists.  
This is a warm, tropical planet with vast oceans and sparkling, blue crystal sand shores.  Mercury is a democratic monarchy ruled by the descendants of Mizuno Ami.  The fluentum, the Mercurian parliament, has some weak control over domestic affairs.  It is a popular vacation getaway, but its main feature is the centers of learning- libraries, universities, and museums abound.  The population of Mercury is mostly boarding students; very few people choose to live there because of the intense heat during summer. 
The climate of Mars is very cold, so most people who live there are skilled in fire magic.  Mars is a planet of mystics who seek spiritual enlightenment.  There are few children on Mars.  This planet is united under an absolute monarchy run by the descendants of Hino Rei. 
Jupiter is now a planet of lush temperate forests thanks to a thick layer of magical clouds that trap heat. The people here are very aware of the environment and do well at living in harmony with nature. Free spirits often wander here for inspiration and to release their creativity. Thus some of the Solar system's best art comes from Jupiter. But this planet is most famous for its vast gardens, which are unmatched throughout the galaxy. There is also a rather famous cooking school located on Jupiter. It is a loose, lasseiz faire sort of kingdom ruled by the descendants of Kino Makoto.
The planet Venus is a world focused on pleasure. Casinos, bars, and fancy hotels are everywhere. People with money are respected on Venus, but very few actually choose to live here because of the high crime rate. Civilization on Venus exists entirely under crystal domes because of the poisonous sulfur atmosphere. Venus has a figurehead ruler, but in truth the planet is entirely under the control of Earth.
The surface of Uranus is uninhabitable; instead people live on flying platforms decorated with imported, perfectly clipped foliage.  Everything is modern and sculpted, choreographed and flawless.  Some come here to enjoy the ideal world, while others scorn Uranus as a false image of beauty.  
Neptune is a freezing planet entirely covered by a vast, toxic ocean. The few who do live there inhabit floating glass cities. The violin became popular thanks to Kaioh Michiru, and Neptune is where many music students travel to develop their gifts. Neptune's government is wary of foreignters and restricts immigration, so only students can travel in and out without pulling a lot of strings.
Pluto is the only planet in the Solar system that is completely uninhabited. In the upper atmosphere, the high-tech, lonely Charon Castle floats, occasionally home to the forlorn soldier Sailorpluto. Pluto stands guard at the time gate except in dire emergencies, so the castle and the planet are usually abandoned.
The planet Saturn is a violent and turbulent world, where natural disasters run rampant and the people are hard and tough. Saturn, unlike the other planets, is not united under one government; it is divided and redivided by constantly warring tribes. It has been completely abandoned by the other planets, and left to its own devices. This is a world of anarchy without a Sailor senshi, because the Soldier of Destruction sleeps within her planet, awaiting the time when the three talismans will unite again.

Other Planets
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